• litter bin with circular openings
  • litter bin with circular pattern
  • dual litter bin with circular sorting openings
  • litter bin with circular openings

Box Bins DB Grau

Streetlife’s Box Bins are waste disposal containers with 100 liter capacity that reflect an understated design. The sheet steel casing contains a bracket for fastening plastic garbage bags. The bin is emptied from the top. Because the hinged flap with waste openings is made of 316 stainless steel, cigarettes or other “sticky” waste cannot adhere to it. The flap is opened and closed using a triangular lock.

The Box Bins are also available in warm CorTen with a stainless steel cover. The thick-walled CorTen can be laser cut with our Casual Dots pattern. This makes for a recognisable design, and gives display to the contents i.e. an internal bag or wheelie bin.

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